Invitation to EDUCCON 2024 Education Conference

EDUCCON 2024 is organizing as final conference of Robot Cooperation Project which supported by European Union. The host institution will be Kahramanmaraş Teknokent and Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University.

The main theme of EDUCCON 2024

AI and Robotics in Education

EDUCCON 2024 will particularly focuses on (but not districted to) Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics in education. AI holds promise for various educational aspects, including planning, assessment, material development, and personalization. AI’s impact in education is debated by researchers, practitioners, and policymakers. Ethical concerns exist, leading to varied stances among countries. Empirical research and theoretical conclusions are needed. EDUCCON 2024 will also address the role of robotics in education from preschool to university level. It aims to develop a sustainable framework for robotics education, including curricula and resources. Robotics is highlighted as a learning object and tool within the frame of the technology
and engineering and the currently emerging in educational movements. In addition to current applications of AI and robotics in education, future projections require attention. EDUCCON aims to facilitate discussions on these topics, shaping the field’s direction. We welcome researchers’ contributions on these issues and more.

List of Topics

AI in education

Robotics in education

Human – robot interaction

Social humanoid robots

Data visualization in education

Educational data applications in education (educational data mining; learning, teaching, & academic analytics; data-informed instruction)

Teacher competencies and teacher training in terms of AI and robotics in education

Ethics and data privacy in terms of AI and robotics in education

(Emerging educational topics regardless of AI & Robotics are/will also welcome. Please also see the “Registration” section.)


The conference will be held in hybrid format: both virtual and face-to-face in Kahramanmaraş Teknokent and Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University.

The following link can be browsed as a popular blog page about the host city Kahramanmaras. marasavucumda.com 

Participants are required to indicate the type of participation in the conference while registering.

Participants who will participate virtually are required to provide their paper presentation videos prior to the conference.


All accepted papers will be included in EDUCCON 2024 Proceeding Book titled “AI and Robotics in Education” which will be published by NEU Press  as an International proceeding book, indexing in WoS. Also selected papers will be invited to publish in Turkish Journal of Education  (WoS-Q3), Computers & Informatics (EBSCO) and El Cezeri Journal of Science and Engineering (SCOPUS).

History of EDUCCON

Educational approaches and practices cannot be thought in separate from historical and social realities and scientific/technological developments in society. The characteristics of the period we live in and the scientific and technological developments affect the structure and functioning of the society while, at the same time, reflecting on education as a social institution in various forms. Issues and notions frequently discussed in recent years such as 21st century competencies, individualization in education, values education, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence are some indicators of this reflection.

EDUCCON has a history of previous successful editions which witnesses the continuously growing emerging educational areas:

EDUCCON, first held in 2017, is set out to construct an educational agenda through discussing new concepts and practices in the field of educational sciences. Towards this aim, what is meant by “new” may be the development or application of a new technology, new concept, theoretical approach, teaching method, instructional model, educational program, philosophical approach, or alternative school architecture.

In 2018 EDUCCON main theme was EDUCATION 4.0, the notion that reflects practices and understandings in science and technology that moved into societal agenda through the term INDUSTRY 4.0.

In 2020 EDUCCON main theme was Empowering Teaching. Most presented studies demonstrated the development of a teaching philosophy and how to apply evidence-based teaching in lessons from the point of “new normal” view, considering after COVID-19 Pandemic.

Last EDUCCON in 2022 was focalized on Digital Competence & STE(A)M Education. The conference papers include latest scientific developments and experiences in STE(A)M education practices and Digital Competence, as well as papers from other fields of educational sciences.