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Challenges and Opportunities to Empower Music Teaching and Learning Skills Online

Session Submission ID: EDUCCON2020-04

Definition and Cover of the Special Session

Music is composed of various dimensions such as listening, playing, singing, and creating. Due to its nature, music is connected to many disciplines; therefore, music education extends beyond the field of music, fostering development in many areas. By enabling the effectiveness of multiple brain regions, music performance allows the body and mind to focus attention entirely on music. These various contributions offered by music education are essential in school education.

In the new circumstance that the Covid 19 pandemic posed, much of the lessons had to be online globally. After the hybrid education started, The Turkish Ministry of Education also declared music and art lessons as the online part of this classes. This situation created a big challenge to reach the goals to the dimensions of listening, playing, singing, and creating for music educators.

To address these and other challenges, research needs to identify constraints and report to empowering music education. This session seeks to give a platform for papers focusing on these aspects. Researchers are encouraged to send their papers.

Topics for Special Session

Online Music Teaching, Online Orff Application, Online Suzuki Application, Online Kodaly Application, Online İnstrument Teaching, Online Choir Education, Online Voice Education, Approaches and Methods in Music Education, Culture Music Education, Distance Music Education, Early Music Education, Music Education for Specific Purposes, Music Teacher Education, Music Curriculum and Teaching Materials, Innovation Music Teaching and Learning, Music Policy, Multimedia and ICT in Music Education, , Remote Music Teaching.

Accepted Presentations

  • Covid-19 Sürecinde Orff Schulwerk Öğretmenlerinin Uzaktan Eğitim Sürecinin Değerlendirilmesi, Ebru Özeşer (Ankara University)*, Turkey
  • Problems and Solutions in the Online Course Adaptation Process of Suzuki Early Childhood Education Program in Music Education, Gülşah Sever (Gazi University)*, Turkey
  • Investigation of Harmony Course Realized through Distance Education from Theory to Practice/Teoriden Uygulamaya Uzaktan Eğitimle Yürütülen Armoni Dersinin İncelenmesi, Yiğit Can Eyüboğlu (Dicle University)*, Turkey