Special Session Chairs


Yunus Emre AKBANA






Reyhan AĞÇAM


Addressing Challenges and Generating Opportunities to Empower 21st Century Foreign Language Teaching and Learning Skills

Session Submission ID: EDUCCON2020-03

Definition and Cover of the Special Session

In spite of the significance of foreign language teaching and learning to meet the demands of educating proficient speakers of other languages in the globalized world, foreign language teaching and teachers are faced with a variety of challenges including but not limited to constraints set by examinations, unsuitable textbooks, insufficient language proficiency of teachers or lack of appreciation by school managers and other stakeholders in the educational context or in society. A recent challenge is posed by the need to administer teaching online due to the novel Covid-19 pandemic, which affects language teaching in an exceptional manner because it potentially minimizes interaction and therefore thwarts the role of language as both the object of learning and as the medium through which the language is taught. Additionally, language teachers may not have the experience or expertise necessary to use technology to conduct remote language teaching effectively but they may discover opportunities in this new modality of teaching.

To address these and other challenges prevailing in foreign language contexts, research needs to identify constraints that weakens the position of foreign language teaching among other disciplines or poses obstacles to those involved in foreign language teaching, and to report on educational innovations conducive to empowering foreign language teaching. This session seeks to give a platform for papers focusing on these aspects. Researchers from English as a foreign language as well as other foreign language contexts are encouraged to send their papers.

Topics for Special Session

Applied Linguistics and Language Education, Approaches and Methods in Foreign Language Education, Culture and Literature in Foreign Language Education, Distance Foreign Language Education, Early Foreign Language Education, Teaching of Foreign Languages for Specific Purposes, Foreign Language Teacher Education, Foreign Language Curriculum and Teaching Materials, English as an International Language, Innovation in Language Teaching and Learning, Language Policy, Language Learning and Acquisition, Multimedia and ICT in Foreign Language Education, Language Testing and Evaluation, Intercultural Communication, Teacher Training and Education, Online Language Teaching, Remote Language Teaching.

Accepted Presentations

Will be Announced