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Novelty Session 4

Sekolah Alam Indonesia (SAI); Natural learning model and the effect towards children social skill Evi Sahli (Ankara University) According to Wilson (2008) the natural environment is an ideal place for children to engage in creative play. Sekolah Alam Indonesia as natural school that used natural environment as the concept and basic sources of learning. The purpose of study is to examine how natural learning model of Sekolah Alam Indonesia and how the effect towards children social skill.


Mastery Education Model Hasan Bacanlı (Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University ) Mastery education suggests that the concepts of education and learning must be redefined and that the training practices must be regulated according to the principles of mastery. In this study, the principles of mastery are introduced, examples are given from the bases and the maturity principle is elaborated as an example. The reflections of principles of mastery to practice is stated and the description of Mastery Education Model is given.

The Concept Integrated Instructional Material (IIM) Mehmet Tekerek, Betül Tekerek (Kahramanmaraş Sütçüimam University ) It is aimed to describe the concept of integrated instructional material which is proposed very first in literature and pract ice and developed based on the paradigm of integrated education.

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