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Invitation to EDUCCON 2020 Education Conference

Educational approaches and practices cannot be thought in separate from historical and social realities and scientific/technological developments in society. The characteristics of the period we live in and the scientific and technological developments affect the structure and functioning of the society while, at the same time, reflecting on education as a social institution in various forms. Issues and notions frequently discussed in recent years such as 21st century competencies, individualization in education, values education, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence are some indicators of this reflection.

EDUCCON, first held in 2017, is set out to construct an educational agenda through discussing new concepts and practices in the field of educational sciences. Towards this aim, what is meant by “new” may be the development or application of a new technology, new concept, theoretical approach, teaching method, instructional model, educational program, philosophical approach or alternative school architecture.

In 2018 EDUCCON main theme was EDUCATION 4.0, the notion that reflects practices and understandings in science and technology that moved into societal agenda through the term INDUSTRY 4.0.

In 2020, EDUCCON is helding as a virtual conference with the theme Empowering Teaching. EDUCCON 2020 will energize and inspire the scientists and teachers whose job is to teach in new-normal.

In the digital age,in terms of empowering teaching, it is aimed to address the points of discovery for success in teaching, evidence-based teaching, higher education and education in a life called “new normal” after COVID 19. Teaching in the digital age focuses on leading pedagogy and identifying educational technology tools that will help students achieve learning outcomes. The presence of teachers and humanization of the learning experience in distance and online learning environments will be included. In evidence-based education; The focus is on teaching and learning literature to explore the theory and practical applications of teaching strategies in courses. Presentations of studies that can demonstrate the development of a teaching philosophy and then how to apply evidence-based teaching in lessons will be presented.

Conscious design of course content and evaluation is at the top of everything in higher education. The foundations of university education include the work for teaching staff at the center of higher education who have not received teacher training. It consists of studies about who the students are and how to help them be successful in the lessons. In addition, EDUCCON 2020 aims to discuss the basic elements for successful education a life called “new normal” after COVID 19 and to present studies that empower learning.

Presentations and papers submitted to EDUCCON 2020 will be published in an international e-book entitled “Empower Teaching”. In addition, presentations selected by the Scientific Committee will be endorsed and recommended for publication in the Turkish Journal of Education (Indexed in WoS – ESCI and TRDizin).

We invite scientists, educators, industry representatives, educational administrators, students and all those who say, “Education is my first and foremost priority” and wish to share suggestions, methods and practices with innovative approaches particularly within the framework of Empower Teaching as speakers and participants to EDUCCON 2020.

Three recipients will be rewarded.

Teacher Paper Awards: Three teacher recipients will be rewarded.

Thesis Presentation Awards: Three thesis presentations with a focus on Empower Teaching will be rewarded.

All awards will be announced and presented by EDUCCON Sponsors in closing session in EDUCCON 2020.