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The first faculty of education in Turkey, was established on 31 March 1964 with the decree of the Senate of Ankara University. Teaching started in 1965-1966 academic year with 109 undergraduate students who graduated in 1969 as the first graduates of Faculty. Its name was converted to Faculty of Educational Sciences in 1983. There are 12 departments, 26 divisions, 33 full professors, 18 associate professors, 21 assistant professors, 10 instructors, 8 specialists, 107 research assistants in the faculty which gives the grand total of 197 academic and 48 administrative staff.

Of all divisions, six have undergraduate programs (Computer Education and Instructional Technologies, Preschool Education, Guidance and Psychological Counseling, Elementary Education, Social Sciences, Mentally Disabled). Graduate programs in our faculty are as follows: Computer Education and Instructional Technologies, Biology Education, Geography Education, Economy of Education, Philosophy of Education, Psychology of Education, Educational Management, Statistics and Research in Education, Measurement and Evaluation in Education, Curriculum Development, Social and Historical Foundations of Education, Philosophy Education, Physics Education, Fine Arts Education, English Language Education, Comparative Education, Chemistry Education, Mathematics Education, Preschool Education, Guidance and Psychological Guidance, Elementary Education ,Social Sciences Education, History Education, Turkish Language and Literature Education, Life-long Learning and Adult Education, Education of Mentally Disabled

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